Can I modify reviews?
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Yes, but only if the reviews are unverified. Verified reviews on the other hand can only be modified very slightly.

Can I modify verified reviews?

You can only modify verified reviews slightly, and only to fix things. Here are some ways you can modify a verified review:

  1. You can do minor text changes (not major!)

  2. You can fix product associations and meta-data.

  3. You can change some customer details

If there is something else you need to modify then please reach out to our support team for help.

What am I allowed to modify in an unverified review?

Unverified reviews can mostly be modified, however you will be automatically asked to attest that the review you're modifying or adding is real and not untruthful.

You must abide by our Terms of Service in all cases, even if the review is unverified.

What's the difference between an unverified and verified review?

A verified review is submitted from your storefront by someone who Fera has verified is a real customer of your store.

Unverified reviews are ones that are not submitted by a confirmed customer.

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