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What constitutes a verified review in Fera? Can I verify a review? Can customers trust reviews verified by Fera?

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Fera will automatically try to verify whether a review was submitted by a real customer of your store after any review is submitted.

What does "verified by" mean?

The "verified" state in Fera means that Fera was able to confirm that the reviewer is an actual customer of your store and most likely bought something.

Verified reviews = more trust from customer

Verified reviews are more likely to be trusted by customers, so you should always strive to have all (or most) of your reviews marked as verified by Fera.

How is verification determined?

  1. By looking up whether the reviewer actually bought the product being reviewed and/or is a customer of your store.

  2. By being imported from a supported old reviews app that has a reliable verification of its own

  3. By being manually verified by Fera admins (see below).

How can I manually verify a review?

If you added a review using a method that may not automatically add the verification badge (such as manual entry or CSV import) you can always request manual verification from the Fera support team.

To request manual verification of a review simply send us a message and provide us with proof of customer saying what they said.

Proof can be provided in the form of screenshots of any of the following:

  1. SMS convos

  2. Messenger or live chat messages

  3. Email threads

  4. Support system ticket messages

  5. Reviews verified in other system systems that collect reviews that are trustworthy

  6. etc

As a customer, can I trust Fera verification?


Many other apps used by merchants allow them to add fake verification, so you should not always trust it when it says "verified customer", however with Fera you see "verified by" instead.

We put our name on the line because we know that when you see that badge, it means that we have confirmed that the review was from a real customer and not just fabricated by the merchant.

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