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What happens when I decline a review?
What happens when I decline a review?

Here's what happens when you decline a customer review in Fera.

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Fera gives you the ability to decline customer review submissions, even if they're submitted by verified customers.

There are some good reasons to decline reviews and there are some bad ones.

Here's what happens when you decline a review in Fera:

1. Customers is Notified

An email is sent to the customer from Fera letting them know why their review was declined.

Customers are given an opportunity to dispute the decline by submitted an abuse report.

2. Review Hidden From Storefront

Declined reviews automatically won't show on your website.

For developers, reviews are automatically filtered out of public API results as well (but not private API ones).

What happens if I get too many abuse reports?

If you get too many abuse reports from customers then your account will be flagged for immediate review and will likely be suspended.

Remember: We're on your side! We want you to succeed but we need to abide by the law as well.

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