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Permitted Reasons to Decline a Review
Permitted Reasons to Decline a Review

Here are some good reasons which we allow you to decline customer review submissions from customers in Fera.

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Fera allows you to decline customer review submissions, however that comes with some side effects to abide by the law.

Here are some reasons you may decline a review submission:

1. It's Spam

Although rare, occasionally spam bots get past our security filters, or sometimes they're just human spammers.

2. It's Too Offensive

Excessively happy or angry customers sometimes use language that is too vulgar or can be offensive to your other customers. These types of submissions are not permitted.

Alternatively, you should consider requesting an update or making minor textual changes.

3. It's From a Fake Customer

A customer that purchases your product then immediately requests are refund can still submit a customer review.

In some cases this is done by malicious people (including competitors with too much time on their hands), so this is a good reason to decline the submission.

4. They're Not a Customer

Customer reviews in Fera are for customers to submit a record of their experience with your brand and products.

If you have reason to believe they are not and have never been a customer of your business, then you can decline the submission.

5. It's Duplicate

Although Fera does prevent duplicate submissions by checking whether a customer has already reviewed a product or the store before allowing them to submit anything, sometimes customers manage to get past this filter by either having different email addresses or accidentally doing things they don't mean to.

In those cases it is permissible to decline the duplicate review submission so that only the original (non-duplicate) one is shown.

Reason Not Listed Here?

Contact our support team for help. We're always happy to consider other reasons for declining a review.

Remember: Customer is Notified

Whenever you decline their review the customer is notified about the reason for the decline and given an opportunity to report abuse. Too many abuse reports can result in suspension of your account.

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