You can configure Fera to automatically approve reviews submitted by customers that are above a certain rating threshold that you set from the store settings like this:

By default this option is disabled (and you have to manually approve all reviews).

No notification for auto-approved reviews.

If a review is automatically approved by Fera using this configuration setting then you won't receive a "new review" notification email for it.

What if a review is approved I don't want?

If a review was automatically approved that you no longer want approved you have a few options.

1. You can delete unverified reviews

If the review was not verified by Fera to be from a real customer, then you can just delete it.

2. Request to "unapprove" / decline the review

If a review has already been automatically approved then you can request that the review is unapproved, declined or deleted.

To request this, simply ask our support team for help.

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