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Ask customers to update their review easily from the Fera review management interface.

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If a customer submitted a negative review but you've solved their concerns, you can ask them to update their review easily from the Fera reviews management interface.

How to request an updated review from a customer.

To request a review update from a customer click on the blue button that shows up in the review row next to the approval button

How to request a review update from a customer

Don't see the blue button?

If you don't see the blue button to request an update, click on the three dots on the far right of the review row and you should see it there.

No option to request an update?

If Fera does not give you an option to request an updated review it usually means that the customer did not provide valid contact information.

Reviews imported from other systems or synced from Facebook, Google, etc, can't be updated so you won't see the option for those.

Why ask customers to update their reviews?

  1. It lets you turn negative reviews into positive ones

  2. It retains your "verification" status.

  3. It lets you minimize negative reviews that bring down your rating scores

What happens after I request an update?

After you request an update from a customer the review will go into the "pending update" status.

How to see reviews waiting on customers to update

To see reviews that are waiting for customers to submit updates for, use the status filter in the reviews grid and choose "Pending Update" like this:

How to show reviews pending updates in the reviews grid in Fera

You'll also notice that the current count of reviews pending updates from customers are show in the review count badges at the top like this:

How to customize the review request email

You can customize the content easily by clicking on any text you see in the Review Request modal like this:

When requesting a review update Fera uses the same editor interface you've probably used to customize your automatic and one-time review request emails in Fera.

Email theme used for update requests

Fera will automatically use the last email theme you used to send your automatic review requests in this email.

How to Test Email

You can send a test email to yourself or a colleague to see how the update request email will look.

To send a test click on the dots on the bottom and select "Send Test" like this:

How to send a test review update request message

Please note that any edit links in the test email are replaced with placeholder example emails for security purposes.

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