Import Reviews from AliExpress

How to import dropship supplier reviews from AliExpress.

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You can now display reviews from AliExpress to sell products on your dropshipping site.

Quickly set up and import reviews with Fera in an honest and transparent way.

Follow these instructions to import your reviews from AliExpress into your Shopify, BigCommerce, or Wix store using Fera.

  1. On your Fera Dashboard, go to Content or click here

    1. Then Reviews

  2. Select the green +Add Reviews button

  3. In the drop-down menu, click Import or Sync

  4. Then choose AliExpress as your Import Source

Note📝: Only the last 100 reviews will be imported - starting with the highest-quality ones

Once the AliExpress Import Source pops up

  1. Specify a product (view product chooser)

  2. Enter a URL to the AliExpress product URL

    1. Click Start Import

  3. A checkmark pop-up will show when your import is successful!

    1. The pop-up will inform you of how many reviews and/or photos were added

Manage Imported Review Ratings

If a review you import is of low quality (incorrect description of a product, poor picture quality, misleading, etc.), you will be able to decline the review.

Remember, negative reviews aren't always a bad thing! Too many positive reviews can be suspicious, so a poor or negative review doesn't always count as 'low quality.'

To decline a low-quality review:

  1. Click on the three black dots beside the review

  2. Select 'Decline (Unpublish)' from the drop-down menu

  3. 'Quality Inadequate' will automatically be selected for the reason why the review is being declined

Note📝: You can choose to moderate reviews before posting them. Imported reviews are defaulted to 'Checked'

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