How to Send Store Review Requests Using Klaviyo

Send store review requests using Klaviyo Campaigns

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Using Store Review Links

This integration will also allow you to create and send store review requests using Klaviyo campaigns.

You can send store review requests to customers who:

  • Have submitted a product/order review

  • Are repeat buyers

  • Are VIP customers

  • Etc.

The following URL will automatically generate a store review request for each customer in your campaign:{{ first_name }} {{ last_name }}&email={{ email }}

πŸ“ Note: Type your store's URL in before continuing. It will then automatically generate the customer's first and last name and email address.

For step-by-step instructions, continue reading.

In your Klaviyo dashboard:

  1. Select Campaigns

  2. Then click Create a Campaign

    1. Choose either SMS or Email

  3. Fill in all relevant information

    1. Campaign information

    2. Recipients

    3. Tracking

      Note: You must choose/create a list or segment

  4. Click Continue to Content

  5. Fill in each section under Campaign Content

    1. Then choose a Drag-and-Drop Email Template

    2. Paste the Store Review URL in you CTA button

    3. Click Continue to Review

  6. Under Ready to Send, ensure that each section has a green check mark

    1. If there is a caution symbol next to one, fix that section.

  7. Finally click Schedule or Send

And you're done!

Your customers can now leave you a store review!

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