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Send Emails From Your Own Domain
Send Emails From Your Own Domain

How to send review requests from your own store's email domain.

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Get your review request email campaigns to your recipients' inboxes using your store's custom domain.

To do this, you will need to authorize Fera to send email requests using your email domain.

To add an email domain to your Fera dashboard, you will need to verify your email domain.

What you need to know

The domain(s) must be ones that you or your business control.

  • Before you authenticate, you'll need to verify your domain so we can be sure you have permission to send emails from it.

  • Authentication can only be added to domains you or your business own and control.

📝Note: Email addresses with public email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL aren't able to be authenticated through Fera.

No one likes spam and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) want to limit and filter out spam and malicious users who may send their customers' emails, this is good news for legitimate users like you and your business.

In order to authenticate your domain, you will need to copy and paste information from Fera into your domain's records (adding CNAME records based on your provider).

Verify Your Email Domain

  1. On your Fera Dashboard

    1. Click Configuration Setup Email Domains

  2. Once under Email Domains, select +Add Domain

    1. Enter your email domain

    2. Press Continue

  3. A Verify Email Domain will pop-up

    1. You will need to add the records that are in the pop-up to your DNS Settings before you can click Verify Now

  4. Go to your Domain Provider to edit your DNS Records

    1. Here are some instructions for editing DNS records with popular domain providers. If your service isn't listed here, log in to your provider's site and search their help documents, or contact their customer support team.

  5. Once you have added the CNAME records to your DNS Settings, head back to your Fera Dashboard

    1. Select Verify Now

  6. Once your Email Domain has been verified, it will show the status in green as Verified

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If your CNAME Record isn’t updating when you create the domain key:

    • You may only need to type in part of a domain key (this will depend on your domain host).

      • e.g. if you enter “” and “” is created, update your CNAME record to only include “k1._domainkey”.

  • Your records are all correct, but your domain won’t authenticate in Fera Email Domains:

    • You've entered all records correctly but your authentication isn't working right away, there is no need to worry! Please wait a little longer (up to at least 48 hours) as it can take some time to recognize your changes.

      • Should it not authenticate after this, please contact our support team!

📝Note: If your authentication is not verified successfully, a pop-up detailing the error(s) will appear and provide you with guidance on what needs to be fixed or changed in order to successfully complete verifying your Email Domain.

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