How to Send a Product Review Request Using Klaviyo

Send review requests to your customers using Klaviyo.

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Order review links allow you to send review requests from Klaviyo campaign emails or any other email-sending platform.

There are 2 parameters that you need to know to trigger the review submission modal and review a specific order:

  1. order - the order ID (not the order number)

  2. customer_email - the customer's email as it appears on the order

The customer email parameter must match the order's data for this link to work.


The following URL will request a review of all the products in the order (and a final store review if configured at the end):

πŸ“ Note: Type your store's URL in before continuing. These liquid variable {{}} and {{}} will be replace with the order ID and the customer's email, Klaviyo will process this on their end prior to sending out the email to customer.

http://[YOUR STORE URL]/?fera=review&order={{}}&email={{}}

How to Video

Step-by-Step Instructions

On your Klaviyo Dashboard:

  1. Go to Flows

  2. Click Create Flow

    1. Search for 'Review'

    2. Then select Product Review/Cross-Sell - Standard

  3. Ensure your Trigger is 'When someone Fulfilled Order'

    1. Check your Flow Filters

    2. Set your Time Delay

  4. Click on Product Review/Cross-Sell: Email 1

    1. Then click Edit β†’ Edit Email

  5. Select the 'item.product.title' section

    1. Click Rows β†’ Column 2

    2. Then delete the 'Review this item' hyperlink

  6. Add a Button

    1. Under Link URL, paste the order review link URL

      1. http://[YOUR STORE URL]/?fera=review&order={{}}&email={{}}

    2. Click Save

  7. Select Save Content

  8. Click Done

  9. Finally, click Review and Turn On

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