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Product Reviews vs Store Reviews
Product Reviews vs Store Reviews

What's the difference between a product review and a store/company/business review?

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In Fera you can have two different types of reviews: Store Reviews and Product Reviews.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are about a specific product.

For example, if a customer bought a blue t-shirt, a product review would be about the look and feel of that t-shirt.

Examples of things described by a product review:

  • quality of product

  • fit of product

  • colors of product

  • would you buy product again?

  • value of product (was it worth the money?)

  • how long did the product last?

  • etc

Store Reviews

A store review, also known as a company review or business review, is about the overall experience that the customer had with your business.

For example, if a customer bought anything from your store they may write you a store review that says how quick shipping was, or that your staff were really friendly to work with.

Examples of things described in a store review:

  • Shipping

  • Support

  • Staff

  • Packaging

  • Return policy

  • Quality of product collections

  • etc

How to Convert Store Reviews to Product Reviews

You can easily convert one or more store reviews into a product reviews by going to your reviews management screen and choosing the reviews you want to change.

Next, click the mass action edit button that shows up on the top of the table, and choose "Product Review".

How to convert a store review into a product review

Lastly, choose the product that you want to be associated to the reviews you selected and click "Save All" when you're ready.

How to Convert Product Reviews to Store Reviews

To convert one or more product reviews into store reviews just follow the same steps as converting store reviews to product reviews.

This time you'll be removing the associated product, so you won't see a product choice after choosing "Store Review" for the type.

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