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Automatically Request Reviews Upon Delivery
Automatically Request Reviews Upon Delivery

How to request product or store reviews upon order delivery?

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If you want to send automatic review requests after the customer receives the product, then you must follow the next steps:

  1. Got to "Configuration > Setup > Automatic Requests"

  2. Click on the "New Auto Request Campaign" button

  3. Under the "Who To Send" tab, select the "Delivered (AKA Received)" option

⚠️ Note: To use the order delivery feature you need to have one of the compatible services:

  • Shopify - Orders marked as "delivered" in Shopify can trigger requests.

  • Rush Order Tracking - Orders marked as "delivered" in Rush can trigger requests.

  • ShipBob Fulfillment - Orders marked as "delivered" in ShipBob can trigger requests.

  • Parcel Panel - Orders marked as "delivered" in Parcel Panel can trigger requests.

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