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See Review History of Actions
See Review History of Actions

See a timeline of what happened to a review by customers/admins/fera with the Review History feature.

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Ever wonder what happened to a review historically?

The "View History" feature lets you see that.

To view history for any review click on the three dots on the review in your reviews management screen and click on "View History".

What Review History Items You Might See

  • When the review was submitted (and by whom)

  • Whether the review was updated by the customer

  • What your admins did to moderate the review (approve, decline, request update)

  • Whether the Fera system did something automatically to the review

  • etc

History Prior to March 1, 2022

Since we only started populating historical action records for reviews late 2021, there may be some historical actions that don't appear in your reviews history list prior to then.

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