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Responding/Replying to Reviews

How to reply to a review in Fera so that it shows your comment under the customer's review on your site.

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After you have imported all of your existing reviews and/or added new ones, you will be able to start replying to them using the Fera app!

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By replying to your product reviews, you'll help to boost customers’ trust in your brand and it will show that your brand and your products are legitimate.

How to Reply to Reviews

Reply to a review in Fera

Step 1: Locate your reviews in the Fera App

  • Go to your Fera dashboard

  • Select the Content tab. This will open a dropdown menu.

    • There you will be able to find where all of your reviews, testimonials (store reviews), and customers' photos and videos are located.

  • Select Reviews

    • This is where you can manage them and reply to them.

Step 2: Open the store reply box

  • Find the Reply link under each one of your reviews.

Step 3: Reply to your product reviews

  • Type your response into the box labeled Store Reply.

    • Press the Save button when you are happy with your response.

Continue following these steps to reply to each review, no matter if it’s positive or negative.

When should I reply to a review?


Replying to a review is extremely important whenever you get a negative review especially.

Replying to negative reviews is imperative to mitigating customer concerns.

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