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Global Incentives vs. Custom Incentives
Global Incentives vs. Custom Incentives

What's the difference between global and custom incentives?

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As of now, there are two different types of incentives available, global and custom. So, let's explain the meaning of both of them.

Global Incentives

These types of incentives are applied globally, which means that any one that leaves a review on your site will receive a reward.

Regardless of whether the review is submitted trough the storefront or a quick review link - the reward will be given.

Custom Incentives

On the other hand, custom incentives only apply to a specific review request email. So, if a customer doesn't submit a review through the email link, they won't receive the discount.

📝Note: To minimize the creation of multiple custom incentives, you can also use your global incentives in the email as well.

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