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Review Request Customization
Review Request Email Customization - Basic
Review Request Email Customization - Basic

How to customize the review request emails.

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Fera allows you to customize the message sent to your customers, asking them to submit a review. You can customize the

  • Subject line

  • Theme

  • Message templates

There is a live preview of how the message will look to the recipient. By customizing the message, you can ensure it accurately reflects your brand.

Theme Customization

Within Fera, you can choose between the Default, chat-style theme and a Plain theme.

πŸ“ Note: If you are a developer and/or are comfortable with Liquid and HTML syntax then you can edit the theme of the using liquid/html.

Changing Email Content

In the tabs below you can click on the window and edit the content that is visible using the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

⚠️ Warning: The content in the dotted boxes should not be touched since they represent variables that may change from shopper to shopper.

Mobile & Desktop Views

At the bottom of the template, you will see the option to view your email in desktop or mobile mode.

Be sure to test your email on desktop and mobile before sending a test.

1-Click Reviews (Embedding Star Ratings)

This highly recommended customization will enable your customers to leave a review within their email.

You can add this to your existing requests by editing the template and adding the 'rating stars' variable.

Adding Variables

Sometimes you want to add some content that depends on the customer who is receiving the email. To do this you will add a variable.

To add a variable

1. Click on the email template

2. Wait for a second or 2

3. When you see a small popup come up near your cursor, click the code icon to insert a variable.

In this example, we're adding the customer's country.

πŸ“ Note: You may need to press space for the variable adder popover to show up.

Basic Customer Variables



Customer Name

Name of the current customer.

Customer Email

Email of the current customer.

Customer First Name

The customer's first name (before the first space)

Customer Last Name

The customer's last name (after the first space)

Customer Country

The customer's country that's based on their shopping session.

Basic Order Variables



Order ID

The order's internal ID based on your platform.

Order Number

The public order number that was specified by your platform.

Other Variables



Review Stars

Embed star ratings in the email.

More Variables

There are several more variables that you can customize but they are only available to add using advanced content customization.

Looking for more customization? Check out our advanced customization options.

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