How to Remove Date from Review Widgets

Display your reviews without showing the date submission.

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Displaying the date of your customer review submissions can help to build trust with potential shoppers, as it gives customers a way to gauge the newness or relevance of a review.

If you don't want to show the date of your customer review submissions, one way you can do that is to use a Testimonial Carousel.

How to Display Reviews Without Submission Dates

πŸ“ Note: We do NOT recommend that you display reviews without dates.

By not displaying review dates, it can be used/seen as a way to mislead customers into thinking a review is more recent than it actually is.

It can potentially also violate our terms of service since it can be viewed as not being honest and misleading.

However, there are some cases that this is acceptable (i.e. design constraints).

1. Click on the 3 dots at the bottom of the left side panel

2. Toggle the 'Advanced Options' feature on

3. Click the '</> Open Editor' button

4. Enter your code and press 'Done'

CSS Override Code

  • All Reviews Widget(s)

    • .fera-allReviews-review-date { display: none; }

  • Product Reviews Widget(s)

    • .fera-productReviews-review-date { display: none; }

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