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AfterShip Integration

How to integrate Fera with AfterShip

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This integration allows you to send review requests to customers upon delivery of their order(s).

Your AfterShip and Fera accounts will share data in order to immediately send your customers review requests immediately after receiving their order or after a predetermined amount of days.

AfterShip Integration Setup

📝Note: The easiest way to connect Fera and AfterShip is to use this link!

If you choose not to use this link, you can follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Connect Fera

1. Go to Configuration on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

3. Find the AfterShip option and click Connect

From here, you will be taken to the AfterShip sign-in page.

Step 2: Configure AfterShip Webhook

Follow these steps to configure your Aftership Webhook for tracking delivery status on your order shipments.

1. Get you Webhook Secret from Aftership Got to the Webhook section on Aftership.
a) Copy the Webhook secret and paste it in the field below.
b) Click the "Save" button.Configure the delivery tracking event on Aftership

2. Go to the Webhook section on Aftership.
a) Copy the Webhook URL below and add it to the Webhook URLs section on Aftership.

3. Under "Shipment Status", select "Specific status updates".

4. Under "Specific status updates", make sure the "Delivered" event is enabled. Webhook URL

5. Go back to Fera.

Once you sign-in, you'll see this success message.

That's it. Fera and AfterShip have been connected!

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