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How to integrate Fera with Omnisend

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This integration allows you to use your Fera review events in Omnisend flows.

Whenever a customer submits a review, you can create a response email flow to your customers based on their review rating, whether positive or negative.

Omnisend Integration Setup

📝Note: The easiest way to connect Fera and Omnisend is to use this link!

If you choose not to use this link, you can follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Configuration on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

3. Find the Omnisend option and click Connect

From here, you will be taken to the Omnisend sign-in page.

4. Sign in to your Omnisend account, and you will be redirected to Fera.

Once you sign-in, you'll see this success message.

That's it. Fera and Omnisend have been connected!

There are several ways that you use this integration:

  1. Adding Fera Review data to Emails

  2. Creating Flows based on Review Ratings

  3. Send Emails based on Review Type

Adding Fera Review data to Emails

Whenever a customer submits a review, a 'submitted a review' custom event is created and will contain the following fields:

You can use this data in your campaigns and automation workflows to add personalization tags to your email content.

Creating Flows based on Review Ratings

Creating and splitting different workflows will allow you to send your customers' different ratings based on the ratings they leave.

This means that you can send a thank you email to your customers who left 5-star reviews and gather additional feedback from your customers who left 4-star or below reviews.

Send Emails based on Review Type

With the Omnisend integration, you can send different follow-up emails to your customers depending on the type of review they submit.

You can split your emails based on the 'type' property, this data will be automatically passed along with the custom event created in Omnisend.

📝Note: If the review type is not 'product', it will be 'store' and send that email. If it is neither, the customer will exit the flow.

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