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Rush Integration

How to integrate Fera and Rush.

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Rush automates the shipment tracking process on all fronts so you can turn your loyal customers into "human ATMs".

This integration will allow you to automate when to send your review requests upon delivery of their order.

Rush Integration Setup

To integrate your Fera account with Rush, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Rush app.

  2. Click on Add-Ons from the navigation sidebar on the left.

  3. In the Product Reviews section, click Configure.

  4. The Product Reviews page will open.

  5. Click on Enable to activate the product review links.

  6. From the Review App dropdown, choose Fera.

  7. You’ll see the confirmation message.

  8. Your customers will now see a Write a review button next to the ordered item.


That’s all.

You’ve integrated Rush with Fera.

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