TinyIMG Integration

How to integrate Fera and TinyIMG.

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TinyIMG is an essential Shopify app for anyone looking to create (or boost) a fast and SEO-optimized store.

The Fera and TinyIMG integration will allow you to have search bots better understand your reviews and help you show up in search engine results with rich snippets.

You will not need to integrate TinyIMG through your Fera dashboard or vice versa. This integration is automatic and will show in your Shopify store's backend.

As long as you have TinyIMG and Fera enabled, the integration will connect automatically.

TinyIMG Integration Setup

Download TinyIMG

  1. Use this link to take you to the TinyIMG SEO Shopify app

  2. Add the app to your Shopify store

    📝Note: Once added, TinyIMG will automatically capture your customer rating(s) and show it in search results.

  3. Once you have finished the setup process and chosen a plan, you can then finish configuring the app and check that it is working with Fera

Improve SEO

  1. In your TinyIMG dashboard, under 'Setup guide', select the 3rd option

    1. Then click Setup JSON LD

  2. Once you've filled out the form, click Save

    📝Note: If you want to use all JSON LD extensions, you need to fill out all fields in the form

  3. Then 'Add Theme Extension', located at the top of the page

  4. Toggle on all TinyIMG embeds, then click Save

  5. Now it's time to check if it's working

How to Check the Integration

To check the TinyIMG app and ensure it is integrated with Fera and showing your JSON-LD data, including your Fera reviews, you will need to use the Structured Data Testing tool from Google.

This is the URL.

  1. Copy and paste the URL of the page you want to test and click Enter

  2. A 'Test Results' page will show when ready.

  3. Ensure that your Review Snippets are detected and the star rating matches what you have on your website.

  4. Once you've confirmed that all the information is correct, you're done!

If you need any more help with TinyIMG, you can check out their walkthrough video.

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