GemPages Integration

How to integrate Fera on your GemPages Editor

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In order to use this integration, you must install the GemPages app on your Shopify store.

GemPages is a Shopify app that offers high-converting Shopify store page building with intuitive features and AI optimization.

This integration will allow you to add review widgets to your branded website!

GemPages Integration Setup

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Search for Gempages in the Shopify app store

  2. Install the GemPages app

  3. Complete GemPages setup

Integrate Fera on GemPages

  1. On your GemPages dashboard, go to your Product Pages tab

  2. Select a page or Create a new template

  3. Go to Library

    1. Click on Elements

  4. Find Fera Reviews and toggle it on

  5. Under Third Party, Fera Reviews will show

Add Fera Reviews to a GemPages Page

  1. On your GemPages Dashboard, choose the page you want to edit

  2. Drag the Fera Reviews element to your chosen area

  3. Go to Settings

    1. Under Widget, choose your preferred widget

    📝 Note: The widgets “Product Reviews,” “Average Rating Badge,” and “Product Page Media” are specifically designed for the product page. If you wish to display them on other page types, they need to be nested within a Product Module.

  4. Click Save and Publish

📝 Note: You can use HTML location tags with Gempages. For more information on this, please refer to this article.

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