This integration allows you to automate actions through Zapier whenever customers leave a review.

Easily approve, decline, create, delete, or update new:

  • Reviews

  • Media

  • Customers

  • Orders

You will be able to integrate with any number of systems Zapier integrates with and receive your Fera reviews information across multiple platforms.

Zapier Integration Setup

📝Note: The easiest way to connect Fera and Zapier is to use this link!

If you choose not to use this link, you can follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Configuration on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

2. Click on Apps & Integrations

3. Find the Zapier option and click Connect

4. From here, you will be taken to the Zapier sign-in page.

5. Sign in to your Zapier account, and you will be redirected to Fera.

Once you sign-in, you'll see this success message.

That's it. Fera and Zapier have been connected!

How to Create a Zap

1. Trigger

  1. To create a zap, you can either:

    1. Go to the 'Zaps' tab or

    2. Click on the orange 'Create Zap' tab.

  2. Under Trigger, select the Fera app.

  3. Choose the event that will start the zap and click continue.

  4. Then select your Fera account and click continue.

  5. Finally click, Test Trigger.

2. Action

  1. Under Action, choose the app event.

    1. You can choose whatever platform works best for you and your team.

  2. Choose a Trigger.

    1. e.g. In slack, a new message will be sent in a channel of your choosing.

  3. Under setup action, you will select the channel you want your message to be send to and type in the message text.

  4. Select Test Trigger

  5. Then click the blue Publish Zap button.

You will then get a popup saying that your zap has been published!

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