How do I decline a review?

What happens when you decline/reject a review.

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There are many reasons that our merchants may want (or need) to decline a review, but declining a review, for any reason, is not just a one-click process.

Remember: Reviews, both good and bad, are important for any eCommerce store owner.

Process to Decline a Review

Whether the review is a product review or a store review, the process will be the same.

In the inbox of the email attached to your Fera account, you will receive an 'Action Required: New Review Submission' email and on your Fera Dashboard, it will show that you have 'customer submissions pending'.

1. After clicking on the decline in the email or under Customer Reviews

2. A Decline Submission popup will show asking you to choose a reason for declining the review.

3. Once you choose a reason, your customer's review submission will be successfully declined.

📝Note: When you decline a customer review submission, the customer will be notified.

Alternatives to Rejecting a Review Submission

We always recommend asking your customer for an updated review rather than rejecting a review.

Especially if the reason you are wanting to reject a review is one of the following:

  • Awful spelling/grammar

  • Duplicate

  • Seems fake

    • Here you can ask for more details regarding their order processes, shipping time, interaction with staff, etc

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