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Support your customers that submitted a negative review in Gorgias

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In order to use this integration, you must have both the Gorgias and Fera apps installed on your Shopify Store.

This integration will help to alert you if you receive a negative review, so you can provide customer help via the Gorgias helpdesk.

How to Connect Gorgias and Fera

Step 1: Integrate

  1. Under Configuration, click on Apps & Integrations

  2. Locate the Gorgias integration, enter the URL of your Gorgias helpdesk and click Connect

  3. Gorgias is now integrated with your Fera app on your Shopify store

Step 2: Configure Integration

📝This step will allow Gorgias to create a Review Ticket when a customer leaves a review on your site using your review link.

  1. In the Gorgias box, click Configure

  2. Choose a Rating Threshold. Tickets will be created in Gorgias that are equal to or below the threshold

📝This step is only needed if you want to change your rating threshold

How Gorgias and Fera Work Together

Your customer has received your review request for their most recent order, but they weren't satisfied, either with their order or the entire experience.

They write their review and the rating is below your rating threshold, once they have submitted it, you will be notified in Fera and a ticket will automatically be created in Gorgias.

The ticket will include the:

  • Information of the order

    • Product ID, URL, Name, Number

    • Price

    • Etc

  • Review rating and body

  • Customer total reviews number and average rating

  • Request review update link

You can then reply to the customer and use the link provided in the ticket to ask for an update once you fix the issue they had with their order.

How to Test

Step 1: Launch a Review Widget

  1. Create a Product or All Reviews widget to show on your product or home page

  2. Make sure that the Write Review Link setting is enabled

  3. Launch

Step 2: Submit a review

  1. As a customer, go to your site and scroll to the widget launched above

  2. Click Write Review link from the widget and submit a 1 star review

⚠️Warning: The customer's email can NOT be the same as Gorgias account owner email. If prompted to fill customer name and email, use a different email than Gorgias account owner email.

Step 3: Gorgias Ticket

A ticket will be automatically created in your Gorgias Helpdesk, you will see the ticket and reply from there.

  1. Under Main Views, go to Unassigned

  2. You will see a ticket created with title starting with [Fera]

  3. You can open the ticket and reply to the customer

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