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Zendesk Integration

Reach out to customers that submitted a negative review with the help of the new Fera and Zendesk integration.

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In order to use the integration, you will be required to have both of the apps installed on your store:

a) Install Fera Product Reviews
b) Install Zendesk (For Shopify Users)

⚠️ Note: For Wix users, follow the instructions here.

How To Connect Zendesk and Fera?

  1. Go to your Fera Dashboard

  2. Open the "Configuration" tab and choose "Apps & Integrations"

  3. Find "Zendesk" integration

  4. Click the "Connect" button

  5. You will be led to the main integration page

  6. Click on "Connect Zendesk"

  7. Enter your Zendesk domain URL (

  8. Press the "Connect" button

  9. Congratulations - you're done!

How To Test The Zendesk and Fera Integration?

  1. Open the main Zendesk Fera app

  2. Under "Test it out" simply select "Sample Review (2/5 from Fera Test Customer)"

  3. This should open a review submission popup (it's a test review, so you can delete it afterward from your Fera dashboard).

  4. Fill in the description (if needed) and click "Submit"

  5. A support ticket should be created on Zendesk!

⚠️ Attention: If a support ticket doesn't get created, then you must have connection issues - be sure to reach out to our support.

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