Zendesk Integration

Reach out to customers that submitted a negative review with the help of the new Fera and Zendesk integration.

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In order to use the integration, you will be required to have both of the apps installed on your store:

a) Install Fera Product Reviews
b) Install Zendesk (For Shopify Users)

⚠️ Note: For Wix users, follow the instructions here.

How To Connect Zendesk and Fera?

  1. Go to your Fera Dashboard

  2. Open the "Configuration" tab and choose "Apps & Integrations"

  3. Find "Zendesk" integration

  4. Click the "Connect" button

  5. You will be led to the main integration page

  6. Click on "Connect Zendesk"

  7. Enter your Zendesk domain URL (example123.zendesk.com)

  8. Press the "Connect" button

  9. Congratulations - you're done!

How To Test The Zendesk and Fera Integration?

  1. Open the main Zendesk Fera app

  2. Under "Test it out" simply select "Sample Review (2/5 from Fera Test Customer)"

  3. This should open a review submission popup (it's a test review, so you can delete it afterward from your Fera dashboard).

  4. Fill in the description (if needed) and click "Submit"

  5. A support ticket should be created on Zendesk!

⚠️ Attention: If a support ticket doesn't get created, then you must have connection issues - be sure to reach out to our support.

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