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Here's what you need to know about spam reports in Fera.

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Spam report screen in Fera

Spam reports decrease the deliverability of review requests for ALL merchants using Fera, so we have to work together to keep them to a minimum.

Whenever one of your customers receives a review request email (or any other email) that is sent through Fera on behalf of your company, Fera tracks if a customer marks the email as spam. This is called a Spam Report.

Spam reports should be very minimal. If you're using our default recommended templates we don't expect you to get many spam reports.

If your account exceeds the maximum number of spam reports Fera will temporarily pause your email sending until a manual investigation has been completed by someone on our team.

Maximum Spam Reports Allowed

Depending on your subscription plan, Fera only allows a certain number of spam reports before your account's email sending is paused for investigation.

Fera Subscription

($ / mo)

Maximum Spam Reports Per Month

Max Reports Per 10,000 Emails Sent


0.02% per month

2 per month

$1 - $8

0.03% per month

3 per month

$9 - $98

0.04% per month

4 per month

$99 - $298

0.05% per month

5 per month

$299 - $998

0.06% per month

6 per month

$999 +

0.07% per month

7 per month

Example Scenario

For example, if you're subscribed to a $9/mo plan with Fera and you send out 10,000 review request emails, then you're allowed to have up to 0.03% = 3 spam reports.

If your account gets 4 or more spam reports from customers after sending those 10,000 messages, then it will trigger a manual review in Fera.

How Spam Report Limits Are Calculated

Spam reports are counted on a trailing 30 days basis.

That is, if your limit is 0.04% spam reports per month, then Fera will trigger an investigation only if over 0.04% of emails sent from Fera were reported by spam by customers.

Same Customer Cannot Submit Multiple Reports

Spam report limits are calculated based on the number of unique email addresses that reported your emails as spam.

Only emails that received messages sent by Fera from your account are counted, so a single abusive customer is unlikely to make a negative effect.

How to See Which Customers Reported Spam

You can see which customers reported your messages as spam and see which messages were reported as spam from the customer messages screen.

Simply use the message status filter to filter out any messages that were marked as spam like this:

How to see which messages were marked as spam in Fera

๐ŸŽ— Remember: We're in This Together โค๏ธ

We want to help you improve your email deliverability. If you need help reducing spam reports please contact our team for suggestions.

We'll never penalize you for unintentional spam reports. We're on YOUR side and we want you to succeed.

To learn what spam reports are and how to prevent them, please read this help article.

You can also read more about our terms of service here.

To learn how to reduce spam reports, you can read more here.

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