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Submit a test review

Multiple options to test submitting a review

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There are 2 options for testing the submission of reviews:

  1. Browse your store URL passing Fera parameters

  2. Sending a test review request

Browse Store URL

You just need to browse you store URL appended with 2 parameters, fera=review and fera_test=true

For example, this is how it looks to submit a test review for the below store product:

Test Review Request

You can test the whole flow of sending a test review request message to your inbox, clicking the review link from that message and then submitting a test review on your site using the review submission form.

1. Go to the campaign that you want to test, click the test button shown below and send a test review request message to your email.

2. After you receive the message, click the review link or stars to get you to the review submission form in your site.

3. Write a review in the submission form loaded on your site.

After you submit your review, it will appear as TEST review in your reviews page as shown below:

PS: TEST reviews won't show up in your store. Also, if you want, you can delete your TEST reviews.

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