How to set up with Fera to offer loyalty points as review incentives.
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Follow the instructions in the video or written instructions below to set up your Fera and Smile integration and get more product reviews by offering loyalty points!

Watch how to offer loyalty points to get more reviews.

1. Download & setup

Step 1: Download Smile

First, you are going to need to download Smile by searching for it in the Shopify App Store.

Step 2: Add Smile to your store

Click the button Add App to add it to your Shopify store.

Step 3: Customize

  • Customize and choose your branding and colors.

  • Fill out some information about the industry your company is in.

Step 4: Launch your points

Finish setting up your account and click the button 'Launch Points'.

2. Find in the integrations section

Step 1: Find Fera in the integrations section

While you are logged into your Smile account, find the Integrations section along the left-hand side of the screen and click it.

Scroll down until you see the Review Generation title and there you will find Fera.

Step 2: Connect Fera and Smile

Click on the Fera icon, click Connect and then click Authorize. This will then take you to the Fera backend.

When you are in the backend, find the Smile integration, and click Configure.

Step 3: Enable Social Proof Events

Make sure that the social proof events are enabled and then click Save.

Just like that both of the apps are integrated!

3. Set up a review request campaign

Step 1: Create a content campaign

IHere's how you'd set up a campaign to automatically ask customers for photos and videos after their orders:

1. Go to Requests in the left-hand menu.

2. Click Automatic.

3. Click + New Auto Request Campaign.

4. Name your campaign.

Step 2: Set up a loyalty points incentive

1. Click the Incentive Tab.

2. Click Add Incentive.

3. Choose Points.

Choose how many points you want to offer for the content you are requesting (the more you ask for from your customers, the more points you should offer them).

4. Set up points in

Step 1: Create points rule in Smile

Head back to your Smile dashboard and click the Program section along the left-hand side of the screen.

Select the Points tab and then the Add ways to earn button.

Since you’ve already integrated Fera and Smile, there are some preset options to choose from.

Step 2: Make sure points match

Make sure that the points you offer in your review campaign match the points that you are offering in your Smile backend (You can also choose to limit the number of times each customer can earn points for this action).

Step 3: Save

To save your 'points rules', click Create.

5. Set conditions & customize

Go back to your Fera dashboard to set your conditions and customize your campaign.

Step 1: Customize conditions

Choose when to send you content campaigns and other conditions such as a minimum order value to send them a request.

Step 2: Customize your message

Next, you can customize the message that your customers will see in the email (Give customers some guidance on what exactly you are looking for in a photo or video review)

Step 3: Save and test your message

  1. Save your message and then you can send a test message.

  2. Send the test message by clicking the black “Test” button.

  3. Fill in your email and select a product for the review.

Step 4: Launch your review request campaign

Now you can watch your reviews roll in!

The best part about Fera is that your customers will leave their reviews right on your website and you are able to approve or decline reviews before they are shown to other customers.

6. Display reviews anywhere in your store

With Fera, you are able to create and show video galleries, photo galleries, testimonial carousels, show an average rating badge, and all of your product reviews anywhere on your website!

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