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Quick Review Links

How to use quick links to ask customers for a store review or product review.

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If you want to send links to your customers so they can leave reviews on specific products, follow these steps.

You can choose to access your quick review link from your

  • Main dashboard or

  • From the menu

From your main dashboard

1. In your dashboard, find the 'Quick Review Link' option under your stats.

2. Choose from the store icon (shop with star) for store reviews, or the product icon (t-shirt with star) for product reviews.

3. Copy the link and send it to your customers!

How to find the Quick Review Link on your dashboard

From the Menu

1. In the left-hand menu, navigate to Content > Reviews.

2. Navigate to the green + Add Review button at the top right of the screen.

3. Select the Ask Customers block.

4. Click Write Review Link

5. Choose if you want to send a store review or a specific product review.

  • You can search for specific products by using the search bar

  • Click 'Choose' to select the product

6. Copy link.

7. Send to customers!

How to find the Quick Review Link from your menu

QR Code

You can also print out a QR code to use to collect reviews when interacting with your customers in the real world.

You can print off your QR code and use it

  • In your retail stores

  • As an insert in the packaging

  • At pop-up events

Customizing Links

You can also customize links with unique parameters like

  • Name

  • email

  • Product

  • Title

For example, you can ask for a review using the following link[email protected]&title="What Did You Think?"

Use the Parameters

  • name=

  • email=

  • product=

  • title=

With the '&' in between each parameter AND add double quotes " " at the beginning and end of the title text that you want to appear.

It will show up like this for your customer

In your dashboard, you will see this:

πŸ“ Note: The reviews from your quick links will not be verified by Fera.

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