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Learn how to enable the SoBooster plugin.

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Optimize your customers' shopping experience and get more sales with product search and filters.

SoBooster helps you to streamline your checkout with optimized visitor journeys for faster purchasing through their easy all-in-one website search solution!

Benefits of This Integration

This integration will show merchants:

  • How to filter search by reviews

  • Improve your store's search and filter experience

  • Help your customers find products quickly

  • Showcase your reviews while maintaining your brand's aesthetic

SoBooster Integration Setup

๐Ÿ“Note: You will need to add the SoBooster app to your Shopify store.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Add and Configure App

  1. After downloading SoBooster, in your Shopify store, go to Themes

    1. Duplicate your store theme

  2. Go to your SoBooster dashboard

    1. Under Plugins, go to Product Reviews

  3. Toggle on the Fera plugin

Step 2: Add Search & Filter Widget

  1. Go to Theme Setup

  2. Select Set up automatically

    1. Choose your layout

  3. Select your duplicated Theme

    1. Then click Finish

  4. Click Preview to see how the widget looks on your website

๐Ÿ“ Note: If you find the widget is not showing on your store, makes sure that you have turned on the SoBooster in your theme's backend.

For more help check out this SoBooster help doc.

To finish enabling this integration, contact SoBooster via chat or email at [email protected].

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