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Why Aren’t All My Reviews Synced To Google Shopping
Why Aren’t All My Reviews Synced To Google Shopping

Some Fera Reviews Aren't Getting Synced To Google Shopping

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There are many reasons why some of your Fera Reviews aren't syncing to Google Shopping. Let's go through them together.

  1. Reviews don't contain any kind of content - Your store or product reviews must contain title or description in order for them to sync into Google Shopping.

  2. Reviews aren't approved from your dashboard - Reviews that are currently in a "pending approval" state won't be synced.

  3. Reviews aren't verified (or imported from a verified source) - Only reviews that are verified will be eligible for synchronization.

  4. Reviews aren't about a published product - Your reviews must be attached to really products. You can check that in the new "Products" section.

    ⚠️ Note: If you're still experiencing some issues with the Google Shopping integration, then you should feel free to contact our support.

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