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Why does Fera need these permissions Google listings?
Why does Fera need these permissions Google listings?

Here's why we need the permissions you see to connect Fera reviews to your Google My Business listing.

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When you try to connect your Google My Business to Fera to display your reviews on your site, you may notice some permissions being requested.

The main permission is the ability to fully manage your listing. Why do we need that permission? Good question!

It's the minimum permission Google lets us choose.

As of April 3, 2023 the minimum permission possible with Google that allows us to read their reviews is the same one that gives us permission to manage the entire listing.

Google My Business app options only allow for full management of listings.

Google needs to update their APIs to allow for more granular permissions, but until they do that there's absolutely nothing we can do about it

We will update once Google changes

We know it's not ideal and trust us - we don't want more permissions from your accounts than what we need as well! - but in order to give you the ability to show your reviews on your site there's nothing else we can do for now.

We will keep checking every year to see if Google updated their permissions options so we we can reduce permissions requested to only being able to read your reviews data.

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