This is a question that many of our merchants have asked in the past and we understand the need to have all the information when using a new app!

Fera asks for 11 different permissions when being installed on your Shopify store.

Though it may seem like a lot, these permissions are needed on your store because each has a direct benefit to you as a feature in Fera.

When you install Fera on Shopify, you will see this permission details before clicking to install the app:

Here are all the permissions needed and a short explanation of why.

View Customers

  • View_customers: to link reviews to customers and let you request reviews from customers who have not reviewed anything yet.

Edit Orders

  • Read_all_orders: for requested reviews from past orders.

  • Read_fulfillments: for triggering review requests after fulfillments.

  • Read_shipping: to ensure we are triggering review requests upon shipment.

Other Data

  • Read_price_rules: to sync coupon incentives for review, photo and video submissions.

  • Write_price_rules: to create discount rules.

  • Write_resource_feedbacks - Merchant scan connect Facebook/Google/etc to Fera and sync reviews to display them on their site. If the connection fails we need a way to notify the merchant.

Edit Products

  • Write_products: to store Shopify standard review count and average rating metafields.

  • Read_inventory: to avoid showing reviews on out of stock products.

Edit Your Online Store

  • Write_content: to let merchants add custom review widgets in custom pages.

  • Read_content: for supporting merchants that add Fera review widgets in custom pages.

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