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How to change the behavior on your widget
How to change the behavior on your widget

Customize how the widget decides to show/hide content or interact with the user.

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πŸ“ Note: Virtually everything on a widget is customizable.

If you're wondering if it can be done, the answer is probably "yes" - it just depends on your skill level. Please ask our team for help if you get stuck!

Decide how your widget behaves when shown on your website.

Each widget has a slightly different behavior section depending on the type of widget you choose.

Testimonial Carousel Widget - Behaviors

Product Reviews Widget - Behaviors

Under Widget Behaviors, there are several factors that you can change, such as:

  • When No Reviews [what to show]

  • Sort Reviews By

  • Write Review Link

  • # To Show At Once

  • Showing More Reviews

Sort Reviews By

While you cannot sort reviews by highest rated first, you can sort them by:

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