How Do You Show Testimonials?

How to show testimonials on your site.

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Testimonials are similar to product reviews, except they are about your whole store and not specific to a single product.

Testimonials are essentially store reviews.

In order to show your testimonials, you need to add a testimonial widget to your site.

How to Add a Testimonials Widget

  1. Go to the Widget section on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

    1. Click the + Add Widget button

  2. Select Reviews

  3. Under 'where to show reviews', choose Homepage

  4. Select Store Reviews Only for what type of review you want shown

    You will then be taken to the widget editor to configure your widget before launching it.

  5. Go to Content

    1. Under 'Let Me Choose', select Change

    2. Then click on Show All

  6. Once you have configured your settings, click Save Draft

  7. When you are ready to show your testimonial, click the green Launch button

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