Why aren't my reviews showing on my site?

What to do when your widgets (reviews) aren't showing on your site.

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This guide will answer the common questions people ask like

  • The widget isn't showing up on my site

  • How can i see the reviews on my site?

When your reviews aren't showing on your site, there are a few things you should check for

1. Do you have Fera Footer Script enabled?

One of the main reason why your widgets (reviews) widgets aren't showing is because you don't have the Fera Footer Script enabled. Here's everything you need to do:
1) Go to your Shopify dashboard.
2) Click on the "Online Store" in your left panel (or just search in the "search bar")

3) Then, simply press "Customize"

3) Once the page loads, click on the "App embeds" section on the left side.
4) Make sure Fera Footer Script is enabled.

Note: Don't forget to click "Save" once you enable it.

2. Is your widget launched?

Check to see that your widget was launched. Go to the Widget section from Configuration. (click here)

If you notice that there's a "Setup Widget" button beside the widget, then that means your widget is still not set up and you need to install it in order for it to show on your store.

If the widget has a green check (βœ“), then this means that widget is launched and should be displaying properly.
But, if the widget has a "deactivated" tag, then this means your widget is deactivated. You need to enable it.

3. Do you have reviews?

If you don't have any reviews, Fera won't show your reviews block to avoid negative social proof.

You can change your settings within your widget customisation settings.

Change the settings under When No Reviews...

You can choose to

  • Show All Reviews

  • Hide Entire Block

  • Still Show (0 Reviews)

based on your preferences.

Then click Save.

4. Clear your cache

The cache remembers parts of pages, like images, to help them open faster during your next visit.

Try clearing your cookies or looking at your site in an incognito browser.

5. Check your conditions

Be sure that you meet the condition you set for your widget to show.

For example, if you set a widget to show only for people in Brazil or to show after 2 minutes, you will have to meet those conditions for your reviews to show.

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