What cookies are necessary when using Fera?

These are the cookies that are necessary for using Fera.

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Fera only has 1 cookie that is (almost) required:

*Almost because it depends on how your shopper(s) interacts on your site*

Key: banana_stand_visitor_id

  • Type: Functionality (Session)

  • Description: Unique, secure session token generated for each shopper so that when they submit a review we have a way to link the review to the current person who is shopping even if they don't log-in. This also allows customers to edit their reviews right after they've submitted them, or resume a session managing their reviews/profile.

  • Required?

    • YES if submitting reviews,

    • NO otherwise. That is, anonymous shoppers can delete this cookie.

  • Effect of Removing: Customer won't be able to submit or edit their own reviews - only view them.

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