What the max file size limit for uploads?

What is the maximum upload photo or video file size that my customers can submit?

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There are many ways to upload photos and videos that appear on your store.

Basically our limits are different depending on whether you're an admin that's uploading the media from your Fera backend, or if you're a customer.

Upload File Size Limits

Photo Size Limit

Video Size Limit


25 MB

1 GB


5 MB

100 MB

Each review can individually only contain a maximum of 10 photos and 1 video.

There is no photo or video limit in Fera aside from the storage maximums (which depend on your plan)

Fera optimizes/compresses content automatically

After you or your customers upload a photo or video to a review or a submission, Fera runs background processes to optimize the photo/video so that it appears with the best quality possible at the lowest size.

This ensures that your site is loading as fast as possible.

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