Multi-store Sync Integration
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The Fera Multi-store Sync integration allows you to automatically sync reviews between 2 or more Fera accounts.

This allows you to share reviews between the same stores.

Manage reviews submitted in another store

The best use case for this feature is when you have the same products in 2 different stores. For example: and (two different countries)

How to enable multi-store review syncing

To enable the feature:

  1. Click the user icon on the top right of your screen

  2. Select "Integrations"

  3. Click "Connect" on the "Fera Multi-store Sync" integration option

  4. Choose which stores you want to connect together and

  5. Hit "Save" to start the sync between them.

If you want to stop syncing from/to a certain store, click its 'x' icon and hit "Save" button.

After you connect Fera will start a two-way sync between the stores. Syncs will occur automatically from then on.

On this note, If you're planning to uninstall a certain store, please make sure to stop its sync here before you uninstall it.

Ensure your account has at least 2 stores with Fera installed and linked.

If they are linked you will see the "switch store" icon on the top left next to your store name under the Fera logo.

Note: Ensure that your product listings shares the same SKU as these identifier: handle (url path) and SKU are used to successfully synced over the reviews between the stores

See which store the review came from

When a review is submitted in another one of your stores and was synced over to the current store you're managing, you will be able to see the source store by editing the review and clicking on the "Other Details" tab as shown below.

If no source is specified it means that the review was originally submitted on the current store you're managing.

Some other info about how it works

Only approved content is synced over.

Only approved content is synced over. Pending content is not synced until it is approved. Declined content is not synced over.

Syncs are two-way

The sync goes two-ways. Reviews submitted on either site will automatically copy over to either site and vice versa.

That is, if you add a review on Site 1, it will get added to Site 2. Conversely, if you add a review to Site 2 then it will be added to Site 1.

Deletion is also synced

Deleting a review on either store that is connected will also be synced. A deleted review will get deleted across all stores that are connected with this feature.

This also means if you uninstall Fera from one of the stores you're syncing reviews from then all the reviews that came from that store will be deleted permanently.

How product reviews are linked to the right product

When a product review is synced from Store 1 to Store 2 Fera needs to figure out what product the review is written about in Store 2 that corresponds to the one in Store 1.

This might seem trivial but it actually takes a lot of intelligent thinking for Fera.

Fera will try to match products based on the following attributes:

  • SKU or similar attributes:

    • sku

    • barcode

    • global_id

  • URL key attributes:

    • slug

    • handle

    • url_key

    • url_token

    • token

    • path

What this means is that if a review is written about product A in Store A, then it will be attached to product B in Store B if Product A and Product B have the same SKU, url handle, etc.

product_id attribute will be used in product matching when syncing with a Custom store since the product ids of the Custom store can be set to match the auto-generated ones in the platform store.

Also, check out product grouping

If you're looking to group reviews across multiple products within the same store check out our Product Groups feature.

Do not use this feature to migrate reviews from one account to another.

Reviews are linked to the other store. If you delete the other store or uninstall Fera from it then all synced reviews are also deleted.

Instead, you should export your reviews and import them into the other store, or ask our support team for help (migration is included in our medium and higher plans).

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