Update Branding and Design

How to update your branding and design in your dashboard.

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With the new Fera.js 3.0 update, you have more options in the Branding & Design section of your Fera dashboard.

In this section you can now set/update your:

  • Brand

    • Logo

    • Icon

    • Select a Base Style

  • Basic Customization

    • Texts

    • Stars

    • Buttons & Links

    • Boxes/Containers

How to Update Your Branding & Design Settings

📝Note: In order to update your branding and design settings as laid out in this doc, you will have to update your Fera.js version to 3.0.

  1. Go to Configuration then Branding & Design

  2. Under Brand, add your logo and icon

    1. Choose a Base Style

  3. Go to Brand Customization

  4. Here, you can edit your themes:

    1. Texts

    2. Stars

    3. Buttons & Links

    4. Boxes/Containers

  5. Once done, hit Save

And you're done! You've now updated your store branding.

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