How to hide reviews from similar products?

Hide reviews for a similar products.

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When you create a product widget, the default location mode is Automatic, which means that Fera will scan and choose the best location for your widget.

Product review widgets will, by default, Show All Reviews when displayed on a product page with no reviews.

If you want to hide reviews for similar products, you need to change the 'Behavior' of the widget.

You can choose to hide the widget when a product has zero reviews, or you can show that the product has zero reviews.

πŸ“ Note: We recommend that you hide the widget with zero reviews than to show it.

  1. Go to the Widgets section on your Fera Dashboard

  2. Select your Product Reviews widget

  3. Click on the Behavior tab

  4. Under When No Reviews...

    1. Select Hide Entire Block

  5. Click Save

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