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Product Groups - Grouping Reviews
Product Groups - Grouping Reviews

How to group reviews, photos and videos for similar products so they appear together in widgets on your site.

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What is Product Grouping?

Product grouping allows you to make all Fera widgets (such as reviews lists, rating badges, etc.) group together reviews, photos, and videos for products that match similar attributes.

Example 1: Bundle products

Let's say you have a Hand Sanitizer product that you sell and have lots of reviews for.

Now you want to sell package bundles for the hand sanitizers.

If you create new products, you'll notice that these package bundles have 0 reviews.

That's no good!

Since reviews for the bundled products are the same as the individual product, you can solve this problem by creating a Product Group that matches a shared tag between the products or shared name (like "Hand Sanitizer X").

Example 2: Variations of the same product

If you have 50 different products in your store but are all "Hand Napkins" with different designs on them, you probably don't want to have separate reviews for each hand napkin.

Instead, you can use Product Groups to ensure that each Hand Napkin page, regardless of the design, shows the same set of product reviews, customer photos, etc.

If you're using variants normally and only have 1 product ID, you will not need to use Product groups.

How to Use Product Grouping

1. Locate the Product Groups tab To start setting up your product groups

  1. Log into your Fera Dashboard

  2. Go to Settings (locate the person icon with the gear icon)

  3. Select Product Groups in the drop-down menu. Here you can create a new product group and see your existing ones.

2. Create a new Product Group

  1. Click the + Create Product Group if it is your first time setting up a product group or

  2. Click the + Add button to start setting up a product group

3. Set up the Product Group

  1. Select the grouping condition for this product group

  2. Choose to group products based on

    • Product Name or

    • Product Tag

  3. Fill out the term or select the tag in the text box

Once complete, Fera will automatically show the products that fit your conditions.

In this example, I selected Product Name which contains “Macrame.”

This will group the reviews and shopper events for all of my macrame products.

4. Save

Once you have finished selecting the condition, time to save this product group, it will instantly be in effect.

To save Click 'Save' (the purple button at the top right)

And that's it!

More About Product Groups

Do I have to keep updating product groups after I add/delete/change products?

No! As you change product tags or names in your Shopify backend, your product group created within the Fera app will update automatically.

All you have to do is create a product group once, and Fera will take care of the rest!

The product groups tab will also show the number of

  • matching products

  • reviews

  • photos and

  • videos

Why Product Grouping is Useful

If your eCommerce business has very similar products, you can merge all of the corresponding reviews, photos, videos, and shopper events.

This will then help showcase important content for all products in the same theme or category.

If you only have one review for each product, if you group similar products together, it will show all the similar reviews for each.

Now, these products will have a lot more review content showcased for each product.

If you need help with anything, be sure to contact us with the chat button at the bottom right of your dashboard.

Product Groups Automatically Update

You don't need to keep updating your product grouping conditions after adding/removing/changing your product data.

Fera should automatically sync that data and update grouped review data based on the conditions you specified.

Limitations of Product Groups

Product grouping conditions cannot match more than 150 products.

Why is it limited to 150 products per group?

The reason is because it is very expensive to perform the technical operations to link 150 products together.

You may not need product groups.

Many users think they need to utilize product grouping to display a combined reviews widget for ALL products. You may not need to do that. Here are some alternatives:

  1. Add an All Reviews widget instead, which shows all reviews across all your products. You can even show this widget on your product pages.

  2. Use the default "when no reviews" settings for your Product Reviews list widget if you're using one so it shows all reviews when the current product has no reviews.

  3. Request store reviews instead of product reviews in your automatic review request campaigns. Store reviews are about your entire store/experience rather than specifically about a product. If your store sells only 1 product, store reviews are probably a better option

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