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Partners can enable development mode on any account to remove billing restrictions.

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You can enable Development Mode for any Fera account if you're a Fera Partner or if you request it to be enabled by contacting our support team.

Once enabled, billing limitations won't apply so you can develop and customize the account freely.

Why use Development Mode?

  • Still in the process of implementing Fera for your client and need to test some functionality without hitting billing limits

  • Developing an app/integration for Fera and using a test/development store to test your functionality

What does enabling Development Mode do?

  1. It displays a large red bar at the top of the account to let other users know that development mode is activated.

  2. It does not limit automated review requests that can be sent even on the free plan

  3. Allows all customization features to be used, even on the free plan

Fera will ask customers who have already reviewed

Normally Fera will never ask a customer to review a product or store that it has identified has already submitted a review.

During development mode, this feature is disabled, so orders that trigger automated review requests will always request a review even if the customer has already submitted a review before.

Fera will ask for reviews on repeat orders

By default Fera will not ask the same customer to review the same product more than once.

While development mode is active, this feature is turned off, so Fera will not automatically avoid asking the same customer for a review more than once per year for the same product.

All submissions are automatically marked as "test".

While development mode is active, all review, photo and video submissions are marked as "test" when submitted via the Public API or storefront.

This makes it easier for you delete them after you go live on the site.

Test reviews, photos and videos are treated the same as all other reviews, except for:

  1. the fact that they as "test"

  2. they don't count towards subscription plan limits for the account

How to enable Development Mode

You must be a Fera Partner in order to enable development mode. If you're not a partner you can easily signup as a partner here.

Once you've confirmed that you're a partner and your partner account has been approved by Fera admin (which takes 0-24 hours):

  1. Go to the account/store settings page here.

  2. Under the General tab (default) you'll see an option to enable Development Mode. Flip the switch to turn it on.

  3. Click Save.

How to disable Development Mode

You don't need to be a Fera Partner to deactivate Development Mode, however only a Fera partner or our support team can turn it back on once it's off.

  1. Go to the account/store settings page here.

  2. Under the General tab (default) locate the Development Mode switch and turn it off.

  3. Click Save.

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