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Shopify Review Metafields
Shopify Review Metafields

Use review rating and rating count metafields (meta fields) in your theme templates

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Fera syncs all your product ratings and review counts to the Shopify standard metafields for all stores that signed up after March 15, 2022.

If you signed up before March 15, 2022, you must enable Shopify standard metafield sync by clicking here (must be admin).

For example; now, you can place product's average rating and its total number of reviews anywhere you please on your product page.

Average Product Rating Metafield

Within your shopify theme templates you can output the product rating with the following code:

{{ }}

Product Rating Count metafield

Within your shopify theme templates you can output the product review count (rating count) with the following code:

{{ }}

Here is an example on how to set them on your template and how they appear on your product page correspondingly:

How to add Fera ratings into your rich snippet product schema

Usually you don't need to do this as Fera will automatically detect your store's rich snippets and add rating information to the valid product schema.

However, if you want to ensure that ratings are always present, even if your page is cached on Shopify or the servers don't load you can add the following code to your Product schema:

      "aggregateRating": {
"@type": "AggregateRating",
"reviewCount": "{{ }}",
"ratingCount": "{{ }}",
"ratingValue": "{{ }}"

You'll have to find where your product schema is being defined in your template files. Usually this is in a section file named product_template.liquid or main-product.liquid or something along those lines.

Here's an example of how your product schema will look after you added the aggregate rating:

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