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Product ratings not showing in Google search results
Product ratings not showing in Google search results
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What to do if your product ratings do not show in Google search results

If your product ratings are not showing in Google search results please check the following:

✔️ Make sure that you are running a reviews widget.

Ratings won't show in google until you are running one or both of those widgets in your product pages.

✔️ You are using a theme that supports SEO-friendly schemas ( structure) Some themes do not generate rich results.

✔️The rest of your site's schema for SEO is valid. Broken product schemas will result in ratings not showing in google even if your google search results show properly.

✔️You haven't waited long enough.

If you've checked all the boxes above and you still are not seeing ratings in search results then please contact our support team for help.

How long does it take for ratings to show up in Google search results?

Search results from Google and other search engines can take several weeks - sometimes months - to update.

You should use the Google Rich Results utility to get an immediate answer on how your results will look to Google once it has finally got around to indexing your site.

Do I need to change the code my theme or product page?

If you are using a modern theme, you do not need to change the code on your theme or on your product page for your product ratings to show up.

Please make sure that you are using a theme that supports SEO friendly schema.

What schema fields do Fera use?

Fera implements all the schema fields from for

Test to see if your results are showing up in Google

You can test how Google is seeing your product pages with the Google Search Console or the Google Rich Results utility so you don't have to wait until Google indexes your product pages (which can take weeks - even months to complete).

If you're searching for your products on Google ratings may not show for a while, so you're best bet is to use the the Google Rich Results test to know if it's working properly.

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