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How We Calculate Review Quality Scores
How We Calculate Review Quality Scores

How does quality sorting work in Fera? What are the main attributes for quality sorting?

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In order to provide the best results possible, Fera calculates the quality score based on several attributes, including:

  • Freshness - When was the review submitted? Generally speaking, newer reviews have a higher chance of ranking at the top. For instance, a review from 2 years ago is ranked lower than a review written yesterday

  • Photos and Videos - Are there any photos and videos in the review? The number of photos and videos attached has a diminishing effect. That is, 5 photos attached is ranked only slightly higher than 3 photos attached, but 1 photo attached is ranked much higher than 0.

  • Verification - Is the customer who wrote the review a verified buyer? In general, customers with verification rank higher than customers that don't have a verification badge.

  • Customer Transparency - Is the customer who wrote the review transparent about who they are? For example, anonymous reviews are considered a bit lower quality.

  • Textual Correctness - Reviews that don't have any text spelling and grammar mistakes are ranked higher.

  • Robustness - Does the review content have any details on why the customer felt this way?

  • Reply - Replies can have a massive impact on the sorting. Negative reviews that have an honest reply that address the initial concern are ranked lower than the ones without a reply. On the other hand, positive reviews that have a reply within the first few hours will be ranked higher than the ones without a reply.

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