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Custom Platforms Installation
Custom Platforms Installation
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Install The Footer Script

All you need to do after your account has been created is install the footer script before your website pages' ending </body> tag. It should look something like this:

<!-- // BEGIN // Footer Code - DO NOT MODIFY // -->

<script type="application/javascript">
window.fera = window.fera || [];
window.fera.push("configure", { store_pk: "/* TODO - PUBLIC_API_KEY */"} );
// TODO - replace the `321` with the current product ID, `Product 321` with with the current product name, etc
// If not currently on a product page, then skip this line.
// window.fera.push("setProduct", { id: 321, name: "Product 321", thumbnail_url: "", url: "" });
var FeraCachedAsset=function(r){var n=this;this.version="0.2.3";var||r.url.split("?")[0].split("#")[0];var o="Fera.AssetCache."+a;var s=(new Date).getTime()/1e3;var c=r.type||(r.url.indexOf(".html")!==-1?"text/template":r.url.indexOf(".css")!==-1?"text/css":"text/javascript");n.load=function(t){t=t||function(){};if(n.content){return t(n.content)}if(!e()){u(r.url,function(e){n.content=e;i(e);;t(e)})}else{t(n.content)}return true};{var t=s+(r.expiresIn||900);if(!l()||!e){return false}var n={name:a,url:r.url,expires:t,content:e};window.localStorage.setItem(o,JSON.stringify(n));return true};n.clear=function(){window.localStorage.removeItem(o);return false};var e=function(){if(!l())return false;var e=window.localStorage.getItem(o);if(!e||typeof e!=="string"){return null}var t=JSON.parse(e);if(t.expires<s||t.url!==r.url){return n.clear()}n.content=t.content;i(n.content);return true};var i=function(e){if(document.getElementById(o))return;var t=document.createElement(c==="text/css"?"style":"script");t.type=c;;t.async=!0;t.innerHTML=e;document.body.appendChild(t)};var u=function(e,t){var n=new XMLHttpRequest;n.async=true;n.onreadystatechange=function(){if(n.readyState==4&&n.status<300){t(n.responseText)}};"GET",e,true);n.send()};var l=function(){var e="test";try{window.localStorage.setItem(e,"t");window.localStorage.removeItem(e);return 1}catch(e){return 0}}}; new FeraCachedAsset({ name: 'bananastand', expiresIn: 900, url: window.feraJsUrl || ""}).load();
<!-- // END // Footer Code // -->

Replace /* TODO - PUBLIC_API_KEY */ with your public API key found at Configuration -> Developers -> Api Keys here.

Setting Current State

Telling Fera about the current state of the shopping experience allows you to use Fera's real-time personalization engine and allows Fera to properly count and identify events that can be used as social proof.


Describe current product being viewed with setProduct

(optional) setCustomer

Describe current shopper with the setCustomer method. If no information is known about the current shoppers (like they're not logged in) then you can skip this method.

Note: Setting these details makes review/photo/video submissions faster for your customers (since they won't have to enter their email/name in) even though it is not required.

Push Orders to Fera

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