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Show an All Reviews (Store Reviews) Page
Show an All Reviews (Store Reviews) Page

How to show customer reviews on a dedicated page.

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To create a dedicated reviews page follow these instructions:

  1. Create a page in your CMS or store that would normally contain any kind of content.

  2. Navigate to the Widget section in the left-hand menu.

  3. Click the + New Widget button or the + Add Widget section in the drop-down.

  4. Choose the Reviews widget.

  5. Select the Custom Page box.

  6. Under the first tab, Location on Page, click 'Change' and choose 'HTML Tag Mode'.

  7. Copy the HTML tag it gives you

  8. Edit your CMS custom page using the HTML mode (not the WYSIWYG mode) and insert the tag you copied in step 4.

  9. In the widget editor back in Fera, click the Refresh icon on the preview browser window. Make sure that the Status = Found.

10. Be sure to link your new page in your menu or footer like this

Here is a video tutorial

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