Adding Testimonials

How to add testimonials to your Fera content.

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To add testimonials (aka "store reviews") to Fera do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Content > Reviews section in your dashboard

  2. Click the + Add Review button.

  3. Select the Write Manually box.

  4. Choose to manually add a Store Review.

    6. Fill in all the relevant information under the Content and Customer tabs.

    7. Click Save.

What's the difference between reviews and testimonials?

Simply put, testimonials are not tied to a specific product and are about your store and business experience as a whole rather than specific product features, the way that product reviews are.

Some other companies also refer to testimonials as "store reviews", when you add testimonials to your store with Fera, you will be displaying those store reviews.

Now that you know how to add testimonials to your site, learn how to show them.

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